Battleground is an American mockumentary comedy-drama television series created by J. D. Walsh. The original series premiered on February 14, 2012, and ended on May 8, 2012, but the podcast revival debuted on December 2, 2017.


This workplace comedy-drama series goes behind-the-scenes with an unruly group of campaign workers and volunteers living life on the campaign trail.


  • Jay Hayden as Chris "Tak" Davis, Campaign Manager
  • Teri Reeves as Kara "KJ" Jamison, Communications Director
  • Jack DeSena as Cole Graner, Speechwriter
  • Ben Samuel as Ben Werner, campaign intern
  • Lindsey Payne as Lindsey Cutter, campaign volunteer
  • Jordan T. Maxwell as Jordan T. Mosley, the candidate's step-son
  • Alison Haislip as Ali Laurents, Social Media Director
  • Meighan Gerachis as Deirdre Samuels, the candidate


Season One
  1. Pilot
  2. Who Is Claire Villareal?
  3. Hold The Whipped Cream
  4. The Comment
  5. They'll Burn Your Eyes
  6. Polls Close At Six
  7. Political Machine
  8. Nothing to Hide
  9. It's Getting Ugly
  10. Flashback
  11. Nothing About Chile
  12. He's Better Than Television
  13. Did You Win?
Season Two
  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Episode 6

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